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Common Tomato Problems and Disease Download

Easy to use fact sheet for identifying problems that may occur with tomatoes in the home vegetable garden.

Getting the most from your tomato plants. Download

A great guide to help you improve yeild and success in the home vegetable garden in regards to growing tomatoes.

Growing Capsicum and Chilli Download

How to get the best out of growing capsicum and chilli

Growing Pansy Download

Pansies love cool winter weather and will go on blooming until the heat of summer. Pansies can be available all year round, but for best results plant in the autumn for colour right through the winter/spring months.

Growing Petunia Download

The key to success with petunias is sun. Petunias are sun loving plants that do their best when they get at least six hours of direct sun each day.

Growing Vinca Download

Vincas are often mistaken for impatiens as they have similar flowers, at first glance. Vinca are very tough, and have masses of flowers that thrive in hot summer weather. The plants appear very lush and look great planted in mass or as borders.

Make a Container Garden Download

Container gardens can be both colourful and productive. Many vegetables are well suited to growing in pots on balconies and in small areas. Great project to get the children involved in.

Make Compost Download

Making compost is a great way to recycle your house hold waste and enrich your garden's soil.


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